Chicken and fish: raw or cooked?

I often like to mix it up and give my cat something other than dry or canned food. She’ll eat raw beef if it’s fresh and good quality. I give it to her raw because I know it doesn’t have parasites. But what about chicken and fish? it’s not safe for humans to eat raw chicken and some of the fish variety. Is it the same for cats?

I suggest steaming chicken and fish in a pot in half an inch of water, covered for 5-10 min. I do believe it can contain parasites / salmonella and steaming will kill that and will still keep all the nutrients. My cat loves it steamed, as well as the little broth that’s left after steaming.

You can also microwave it too, but it will kill both bad and good stuff.


That’s great, I’ll try that! thanks!

I have just been feeding my cat dry food (the Organic stuff). Is feeding the cat meat better than dry food?

Vets usually claim that you should only buy branded dry/wet cat food because it contains all the necessary nutrients. I think though they are in cahoots with brands and get commissions from recommending certain brands. While I feed my cat designated dry and canned cat food so that she gets all the “nutrients”, I also make sure she gets some FRESH ingredients in her diet, like fresh meat and fish with broth. Imagine us humans only having some trail mix in our diet. You can drink supplements and vitamins all you want but our bodies need normal warm food in our system too.

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Thank you, I do agree that there is a something fishy going on. It just seems unlikely that an animal can get all of the nutrients from one food, but what do I know. I will try fresh meat, if it works the cat should be happy i guess ? lol