Can I Leave My Cat Alone?

So, you finally have the green light to take a vacation, you’re excited, your bags are packed, …there’s only one problem. You’re wondering “can I leave my cat alone?” Now we’ve all seen Home Alone and we know how this kind of scenario can end for humans. We’ve put together a few tips to make sure your cat’s experience being home alone is completely safe and comfortable.

cat alone


I’m always scared to leave my cat alone even for 2 days… I think she’s so lonely all by herself. I always give her to a friend to cat sit for my own peace of mind.

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Get a lot of toys and ask your friends to check up on her instead. You can also get a webcam, Nest, that will record video inside the house so you can check up on her at any time (it records whenever it senses movement). I caught my cat climbing the countertop once even though he is not allowed :wink:

I use webcam too. I dunno what nest is

It doesn’t bother me that she climbs everywhere. I just don’t want her to be alone. Having someone to check up on her is a good idea, thanks :+1:

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Nest cams are pretty popular. I have one and they are easy to set up

ye I leave him alone all right
he then poops on my bed as revenge :confused: tat bastard

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:sweat_smile: really knows how to piss you off

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